Marquees – What type of marquee do I need?

Marquees – What of type marquee do I need?

When organising an event it can be a daunting process with all the various elements involved to ensure your event runs as seamless as possible.  From the guest list to the event signage through to the risk assessment and traffic management – the list can seem endless! This article is designed to give you a bit more direction as to what type of marquee you may need for your event.  Whether it’s a small event for 20 people or large event for 300 guests, ensuring you have the right marquee to suit your requirements is paramount to hosting a successful event.

Types of Marquee

The type of marquees required for your event will be guided by its use and size. If you require a marquee which is light weight, easy to move and can be set up quickly by you then a simple EASY UP marquee should suffice.  Further to this, a similar style marquee is the rope and pole style which is easy to set up however requires slightly more space due to the rope tie off around the marquee.


When looking at a marquee which is sturdy and stylish then the Pagoda marquee is the most cost effective and suitable solution. The Pagoda marquee comes in a range of sizes including 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6.  The legs 2.4 meters high and can either be weighted or pegged depending on the surface. The important factor to consider with this marquee is the roof sits higher than a standard structure with the point being 1.2m high from the top of the leg.



Our premium structures are designed to withstand the elements with strong weather protection and wind resistance They are made by Hocker who are the world leader in producing demountable structures . These structures come in 3m bays which is our P-Series and our 5m bays which is our F-Series.